Dirt Repel - 1 Quart
Dirt Repel - 1 Quart

Dirt Repel - 1 Quart

$ 1998
  • * Repel dirt easily with an easily-washable finished surface that gets rid of dirt with a gentle spray of water
  • * Great for use on exterior and exterior paint projects, walls, porches, and high traffic areas
Paint customers are always worried if these new latex paints will resists stains and shrug off dirt like the old Oil Based Paints. Dirt Repel contains micro particles of a high tech blend of protectants and resins that work together to resist water, dirt and common household stains. The technology evenly distributes the dirt fighting particles and resins throughout the paint. The protection provided by Dirt Repel will not wear off due to weathering or oxidation of the paint. In many cases the customer will see that the gloss of the paint is retained longer than without the product, especially outdoors. In lab and field testing this product has made the removal of even baked on dirt a simple, typically low pressure process.
  2. ADD DIRT REPEL - Add 16 oz. of the Dirt Repel latex paint additive per gallon of Latex paint and mix well. Painting with the Dirt Repel additive mixed with Latex paint is only necessary for the top coat of paint.

It is the user’s responsibility to determine whether this product suits the purpose of the user’s application.

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