Enhancer - 1 Quart
Enhancer - 1 Quart

Enhancer - 1 Quart

$ 1998
Everyone has some challenges applying the newer, lower or zero VOC latex paints. Many of these paints are too thick and dry too quickly. Latex Enhancer is very low VOC and compliant for use anywhere in the USA. Using super-wetters and new-to- market flow and leveling agents, Enhancer can more safely improve flow and leveling as well as open time of latex paints. In addition, the additives in Enhancer also serve to improve spray patterns and help maintain a clean spray tip longer. Latex paint is simply easier to apply when it uses Enhancer. You need only add 8-16 ounces of Enhancer to the latex paint of your choice and you will save time and money with better coverage and less issues with cutting in with more open time.
  2. ADD LATEX PAINT ENHANCER - Begin by adding 8 oz. of Latex Enhancer to one gallon of latex paint.
  3. STIR WELL - Paint a small section of the surface to test for desired consistency.   
  4. APPLY - Apply to primed surface or dry latex paint using brush, roller or spray. May be used in any coat as desired.

NOTE: For low or zero VOC paint, very thick paints or spray applications, up to a total of 16 oz. of Latex Paint Additive may be added to one gallon of latex paint. Add a few ounces at a time to achieve the desired consistency and results.

NOTE: For use in spray equipment - Add the Latex paint with Latex Enhancer additive as directed and dilute as necessary with extra water to meet the viscosity requirement for your spray equipment per the manufacturer’s directions.

It is the user’s responsibility to determine whether this product suits the purpose of the user’s application.

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