Metal Bond
Metal Bond

Metal Bond

$ 1998
  • * Paint latex over bare metal without priming or DTM paint
  • * Great for use on aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and carbon steel
Metal Bond is a truly unique water based, low VOC product. Metal Bond is designed and formulated to work in latex paint applied to bare metal surfaces. Metal Bond cleans, deglosses, resists flash rust and leaves behind a moisture resistant layer when wiped on the metal surface with a lint free rag. Self-crosslinking resins are deposited in the wiping step that will need to dry for an hour to overnight. Add 16 ounces of Metal Bond to latex paint and then paint as usual with Metal Bond in every subsequent coat. The Metal Bond will fight flash rust as well as cross link to the wiped on layer of resin to provide a secure bond to carbon steel, aluminum and galvanized steel as well as to mixed metal and painted surfaces.
  2. PRETREAT - Pretreating the surface with the Metal Bond latex paint additive will effectively clean and assist adhesion of the latex paint to the project surface:
    1. Apply the Metal Bond product to a clean, lint free cotton rag and wipe the surface with a moderate amount of product. Regularly reapply the product onto fresh, clean areas of the rag during the process to assure that the surface is properly prepared and change rags as dirt is absorbed onto the rag. Reapply the product until the rag comes away from the metal surface reasonably clean. Very glossy or smooth metal surfaces typically require pretreatment with a scrubbing pad instead of a rag. Any further cleaning of the surface before or after application is not necessary. Appropriate gloves are recommended. No pretreatment is recommended if the product is used in a multipurpose primer and the metal surface is well prepared.
    2. After pretreating, allow the surface to dry for 1-2 hours, depending on conditions.
    1. Begin by adding 16 oz. of the Metal Bond latex paint additive to one gallon of Latex paint. Stir well.
    2. Apply the latex paint with Metal Bond additive to project surface using brush, roller or spray. We recommend at least 6-10 mil thick wet paint application in the first coat (3-5 mil dry film thickness). The paint will adhere in about 1-2 hours longer than the recommended recoat time.
    3. Recoat as desired. On galvanized metal or stainless steel, we recommend using two coats. Only the first coat needs to be treated with Metal Bond latex paint additive. For outdoor applications or in areas of high moisture, use the product in the second coat of paint at the same thickness as above. The paint will withstand typical use in 7-14 days but may need up to 30 days to reach maximum hardness.

NOTE: Metal Bond can also be used on surfaces that include both bare metal and previously painted metal surfaces. Ensure any loose paint is removed and apply Metal Bond as directed by pretreating and adding to the first coat of paint. 

NOTE: For use in spray equipment - Add the Latex paint with Metal Bond additive as directed and dilute as necessary with extra water to meet the viscosity requirement for your spray equipment per the manufacturer’s directions.

It is the user’s responsibility to determine whether this product suits the purpose of the user’s application.

Customer Reviews

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"…very happy with how it’s holding on there and . . . the smoothness at which it painted on there and just the overall use. A very, very good product."


"So, overall I would give it, like, a 10 because it was super easy and it turned out just as I wanted. I love it, I truly love it. . . . it went on easy on a metal door and no separation."


"It was really quick . . . It’s really simple, really effective. It was really a time-saver."


"Just wipe it down, just like you would wipe any surface down. It went on real easy, fast."


"It was definitely far better than using paint thinner, for one it didn’t smell."


"It adheres extremely well."


"I was impressed. I was satisfied with the end result. It seems to be a pretty solid product. It seems to be a very good product."


". . . it made the latex paint really solid on there I was really impressed with it. As far as my expectations, it completely met it. . . . I don’t even think it took the ten days it recommended I would say it was probably within the six or seven days – that stuff is so hard on there like even used a metal scraper and scratched on it and it didn’t relinquish, so it’s completely met my expectations on that end of it."


"It actually more than met my expectations . . . you never know the difference when you’re putting it on. It’s very smooth and it remains, after I tested after three days it was very hard and it didn’t seem like anything would come off, there wasn’t any chalkiness or anything. No residue."


". . . a job well done, no dripping, no separating, no peeling, none of that stuff so far."


"It adhered pretty well. I did a scratch test, and after three coats, the thickness and gloss is there, not deteriorating or anything."


"It’s tough. It stuck to it very, very well. I was impressed with it."


"It’s nice and it’s even. It looks clean. It doesn’t look sloppy. It’s something that I would be proud of to have outside of my home . . ."


". . .there was no odors, no fumes, it was easy to mix . . ."