Pre-treat and add Oil Bond to your paint for adhesion to oil paint without sanding
Oil Bond - Paint Additive - 1 Quart

Oil Bond - Paint Additive - 1 Quart

$ 1998

  Click here to learn how to paint your kitchen cabinets without sanding! • Paint latex over previously painted oil or polyurethane surfaces without sanding or priming.• Great for use on...

"Eliminate the tedious prep step of sanding and priming with this miracle additive: Wipe it on to clean and degloss, mix it into your latex paint, and it bonds to itself to form a no-peel finish."

This Old House

"Oil bond makes painting easier."


"Oil bond makes painting less like work."


"I used latex agent oil bond on the cabinets in my kitchen. The man at Lowes suggested it so that I did not have to prime the cabinets before painting them. The oil bond worked well and the cabinets look great. Using the oil bond saved time and money on my part."


". . . I am really surprised that it worked so well because in the past, people talk about these things and new products when they come out and a lot of times they fall short. . . . but from what I used on there I mean it did exactly what it said it was going to do and I have no problems with it. I'd say it worked really good overall and I was . . . really impressed with it."

Michael A.

"I think it’s a good product. I think it’s a safe product. It does what it’s supposed to do and what it claims to do quite well. You wipe it on and there was no need to do anything extra. It worked well. It adhered well. I’m satisfied. I think that they have a good product."


". . . there’s definitely a need for it and it is very easy to use."


"Oil bond makes painting easier. More fun. More exciting."


"I used the oil bond on the paneling in my kitchen. It did exactly what it was supposed to do and I am very pleased with the way my kitchen looks."


"I’m currently asking my Sherwin-Williams sales rep to work up the chain to have Latex Agent in the stores."

Meghan H.

"Oil bond makes painting take less time."

Eric H.

"Anything you can do to get better adherence . . . just benefits you in the long run."


"Very useful."


"And I have to say that the additive, it did make it look better. And . . . I didn’t have to coat it as much."

Lady P.

"It does what it says it does and that's the big thing."


"Well, it actually does exactly what I expected it to do, it makes . . . applying paint, I believe, easier."


"I love it. I really like it. It made my job a lot easier. It was a lot more consistent and when it adhered to the drywall as well as that did, it was well worth it. So I couldn’t be any more happy with it."