Hard Coat
Hard Coat

Hard Coat

$ 1998
  • * Improve the durability of latex paint.
  • * Create a long-lasting surface that resists nicks
  • * Great for interior and exterior painting projects, walls, doors and high traffic areas.
Hard Coat latex paint additive provides a tougher more durable finish when added to latex paints. The technology is ceramic based, similar to ceramic based exterior paints. The technology uniquely suspends the ceramic particles throughout the latex paint with unique resins that “lock” the ceramic particles evenly throughout the applied paint. Most paints also hide and level better with the Hard Coat added at 16 ounces per gallon of paint. Abrasion and chip resistance are markedly improved in every paint tested to date. However, the nature of ceramic particles does slightly decrease the gloss in high gloss finishes. This effect is unnoticeable in lower gloss level paints (semi-gloss and below).
  2. ADD HARD COAT - Add 16 oz. of the Hard Coat latex paint additive (1/2 quart) per gallon of latex paint and mix well. Paint as desired. For best results, use the Hard Coat additive in all coats of paint applied.
  3. ALLOW FOR DRY TIME - Allow the first coat of Latex paint with Hard Coat additive to dry longer than recommended by the paint manufacturer before recoating. Several hours (3-4) of dry time between coats is suggested.

The Latex paint with Hard Coat will adhere and harden as normal for the paint itself, but the final coat will reach its maximum hardness and final cure in 7-14 days, depending on conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.).

NOTE: For use in spray equipment - Add the Latex paint with Hard Coat additive as directed and dilute as necessary with extra water to meet the viscosity requirement for your spray equipment per the manufacturer’s directions.

NOTE: This product may cause a slight reduction of gloss in glossy Latex paints only. Hard Coat is not suitable for oil-based coatings.

It is the user’s responsibility to determine whether this product suits the purpose of the user’s application.

Customer Reviews

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"The paint went on and dried very smooth. The dry time was much faster than expected (maybe 2 hours). The best part was it did not dry sticky. I'm impressed with this product. Next project is adding stair treads to our stairs, and using "Hard Coat" to paint around them."


"So far the product appears to hold up quite well. Pretty simple to use as an additive and if it holds up as expected it would be a definite add to cabinet enameling jobs all the time."

Stephen I.

"It seems great on a handrail job I did!"

Jerry F.

"I will continue to recommend your products to other painting professionals."

Jamie S.

"I loved it."

Roger C.

"Well, it actually does exactly what I expected it to do, it makes . . . applying paint, I believe, easier."

John W.

"I feel like this did add to the durability or the enamel, the armor of the paint."


"A good additive. It seems like a nice thing to have to, I guess, as a tool to make your job better and to impress your customer. Anything that does that is always a good thing."


"Overall I would definitely . . . use it as my go-to for added durability in paint – something I would definitely look at; something I would definitely offer my clients."


"I was quite surprised because the additive actually kind of helped in the job, in my painting, and I didn’t see no brush streaks. This helps me in my control like it was a good way for me to have control of it and help me out with the painting."


"I thought it performed quite well. I notice definitely a difference. I mean it definitely improved the durability of the product even on the low end of that. So, I’m sure that probably the longer it sets and has to cure then the harder and better it’s even going to get than that."


"I was kind of surprised when you said up to 30 days because . . . looks nice to me even though that's just after the seven days curing."