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Crown, the brand for preferred professionals

Gabriel Baizan started Crown nearly 50 years ago after previously working in the paint manufacturing industry in Spain and Cuba.  Being a chemist, Gabriel saw that he could help professional painters with quality solvents for job preparation, painting and cleaning.  As Professional Painters tried Crown products, they became loyal users and slowly spread the word throughout the profession.

Today, Gabriel’s son runs the family business. Gabriel instilled a culture focused on delivering the product quality and high performance expectations of Professional Painters. In support of that ideal, the Research and Development department was expanded to work with Professional Painters in solving a multitude of painting problems for them through chemical solutions.

Our plant, located in the Houston, Texas area. We have access to one of the largest chemical ports and facilities in the world. However, we specialize in the chemical needs of painters. A recent plant upgrade and expansion enables continuous progress for blending and filling new products.

CROWN is the “Brand Preferred by Professionals”. Professional Painters trust Crown’s variety of solvents, thinners and removers to deliver high quality predictable performance with their many painting projects, opportunities and predicaments. Crown, the parent of Latex Agent, exercised all the care and meticulous formulation in the development of Latex Agent as with their sought-after solvent line.

Crown Brand productsSince 1971, the Crown logo has signified quality in the Paint Sundry market. The Crown line includes paint thinners, solvents and removers as well as fuels and lamp oils.

We listen to the professional painter and strive to provide them with products that make the job easier and saves money. Our products are formulated to provide superior performance and ease of use. So whatever the project, you can count on Crown to get the job done. 

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