How To Achieve Smoother Paint

How To Achieve Smoother Paint

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Improve Paint Application for a Better Performance

What's in this blog:

  • How to improve paint application smoothness and performance
  • How to get rid of brush strokes
  • How to improve paint's performance through a sprayer
  • How to extend paint "open time" i.e. dry time
  • How to use paint extenders and enhancing additives properly

This week, we’re talking about enhancing your paint’s smoothness, particularly when it comes to exterior projects in this summer heat. Even though we’re moving into Fall, this practice can help in many ways to improve your next painting project. By using these methods, you’ll add a helpful and beneficial new method to your painting skills.

Enhancer, a latex paint additive by Latex Agent, is a completely unique product offering a wide range of these enhancements for your paint.

"Latex Agent was nice enough to send me [Enhancer]. Like a lot of other products, when you open it up you think it's going to be the same product in a new package. But this is a completely different beast." - Nick Slavik, Pro Painter and Blogger

Last month, Nick posted a video with a lot of excellent talking points on this subject. At one point in the video, he mentions using paint extenders and enhancers as a part of his professional painting practice. According to Nick, Enhancer is a winner, and why wouldn't it be? Enhancer is useful for professional painters, but simple enough for the weekend DIYers. It’s unlike anything else on the market. “It looks different. It smells different. It mixes up different,” Nick said. 

Particularly when using lower VOC paints, Enhancer can help eliminate many challenges for all painters, regardless of skill level. Common issues include paint applying too thickly, causing brush strokes, uneven application, and problems for paint sprayers. They tend to dry too quickly, (particularly outside, in the heat of the day, or exposed to direct sunlight) reducing the application open time; Nick Slavik mentions this in his live Facebook video. Higher temperatures with shorter drying times reduces the time your paint and pigment has to bond to the surface, causing potential problems for both professional painting crews and DIYers. 

Latex Agent Enhancer is a low-VOC product itself and, when added to your paint, eliminates these problems. Adding Enhancer creates a longer open time, giving paint the time needed to bond to surfaces. The added open time also reduces brushstrokes. Enhancer transforms the paint to make it easier to work.

Paint sprayers benefit with the addition of Enhancer as well. Some painters, in an effort to extend open time, or improve sprayer performance, simply add water. Most professional painters acknowledge that this method can have mixed results on latex paint. Sheen can change, pigment may break down, among other potential diminishments. The less water you add, the better. That’s what makes Enhancer so useful. It provides a better, more sprayable, paint. Enhancer makes low VOC paints easier to apply, easier to clean up and easier on your sprayer. 

Enhancer by Latex Agent comes in 32-ounce, easy to carry bottle. Most applications work best with eight ounces per gallon for brushes and rollers. Shake Enhancer well, mix into your paint, (always test a small section for desired consistency). Then get ready for an easier day, with fewer brushstrokes, sprayer clogs and easier-to-clean applicators.

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