Latex Agent’s Best of 2017!

Latex Agent’s Best of 2017!

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We had a great 2017! As we move into 2018, we're taking the time to highlight the best moments of the year. Here's a look at some of the best things that happened in our world this year.

"Oil Bond Eliminates Sanding" Video

Exactly one year ago this month, we released this video featuring the first commercially-produced video ad for Oil Bond. Check out the feature video on YouTube.

Oil Bond Eliminates Sanding Video Campaign

Websites and Blogs Who Featured Latex Agent in 2017

Latex Agent products were featured on several great blogs in 2017, including Paint Mag, Wife In Progress, Practically Functional and Blogging Painters. Check out two of our favorites from Wife In Progress and Practically Functional to see their amazing projects using Oil Bond.

"How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding"

by Wife In Progress

Wife In Progress Features Oil Bond by Latex Agent

"The Easiest Way to Paint Furniture - No Sanding, No Priming!"

By Practically Functional

Practically Functional Blog Features Latex Agent Oil Bond

PDCA Expo - San Diego

The 2017 Painting and Decorating Expo in San Diego was excellent for us. We were able to show off the full Latex Agent lineup for a great crowd. Bonus: 2018's expo will be in our own backyard - Galveston! See you there.

PDCA Expo Latex Agent

PHOTO: Christiaan holding a bottle of Hard Coat at the 2017 PDCA Expo in San Diego, California.

Nick Slavik #askapainter Facebook LIVE

We've gotten to know Nick over the years as one of the most fundamentally sound painters in the business. He's always striving for the best practices and methods for master painters. That's why we were particularly honored to be mentioned in one of his Facebook LIVE videos. Check out the video with the link below to hear his thoughts on his first experience with Enhancer. HINT: It’s about 17:45 minutes into the video when he starts talking about Enhancer.

Nick Slavik holding Enhancer

The Most Popular Blog on in 2017

With over 10,000 visits and counting, "How to Paint Stained Wood: From Five Steps to Three" takes the top spot as our best blog of 2017. Even though we originally posted this piece in 2016, folks really came to appreciate it more and more throughout 2017. Painting over stained wood is a highly-searched topic online and we were happy to give a guide which uses Oil Bond to eliminate key steps for an easier, and higher-quality project! Check it out:

2017 was an amazing year. It was a privilege to work with so many amazing professionals in the painting industry. We are excited about what 2018 will bring.

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