How To Paint Bare Metal: Any Paint, Any Color

How To Paint Bare Metal: Any Paint, Any Color

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Are you trying to paint a metal vent in your home but can’t match the color with limited colors among special metal paints? Looking to add a fresh look to your metal outdoor furniture? Wanting to paint your home’s exterior gutters or metal trim?

Enter Metal Bond!

Painted metal projects are a huge trend right now. Whether you’re painting a metal door or exterior gutters, the bare metal will look great with a fresh new coat of paint. But, there are challenges with painting bare metal. One of the biggest issues people face while painting over bare metal is that metal-specific paints are limited by color options.

Metal paint projects require specialty metal primer and metal paint. These paints often come with few color options. This can come as a real disappointment for painters looking to either match a color, or add their own creative touch.

This blog will provide a new method for painting over bare metal in contrast to traditional methods. You’ll save money by avoiding costly specialty metal primers and paints, and time by avoiding priming. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to choose any paint you want.

Comparing Methods By Materials Required

Traditional Method

  • Solvent Cleaner
  • Specialty Metal Primer
  • Specialty Metal Paint

Metal Bond Method

  • Metal Bond Paint Additive
  • Your Favorite Latex Paint

Here’s a step-by-step guide including traditional vs Metal Bond methods for painting over bare metal.

Use this guide for painting over aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and carbon steel railings, furniture, gutters, doors, gutters, vents and most any other bare metal objects.

Step 1: Clean and Prepare the Surface

The traditional method requires cleaning the metal with a solvent, like acetone. But, if you’re using Metal Bond, simply wipe some Metal Bond on the surface of the metal instead of using a solvent. This will not only clean the surface, but pre-treat it for the paint application (we’ll cover that in the next step). This first layer of Metal Bond will act like the bottom layer of velcro.

  • Traditional Method: Clean with a solvent
  • Metal Bond Method: Clean and pre-treat simultaneously with Metal Bond

    Painting over previously-painted metal? : Metal Bond can also be used on surfaces that include both bare metal and previously painted metal surfaces. Ensure any loose paint is removed, and pretreat the entire surface with Metal Bond, the same way you would on bare metal. Then, follow along with the rest of the steps as outlined below.

    Step 2: No Primer Necessary

    Traditional methods require primer. That won’t be necessary with Metal Bond. Save time and go ahead to the next step.

  • Traditional Method: Prime
  • Metal Bond Method:  No primer necessary

    Step 3: Add Metal Bond to Your Paint

    Traditional methods require purchasing color-limited specialty metal paints. Instead, using Metal Bond, you can buy any latex paint, with any color. First, mix 16 oz. of Metal Bond for every one gallon of paint. See instructions on the Metal Bond label if you have any questions. Stir well.

    This Metal Bond mixture will act like the second velcro layer. The pre-treated surface, plus the Metal Bond-mixed paint will achieve an ultra-strong grip that makes paint on metal last longer, all without purchasing specialty metal paints!

  • Traditional Method: Specialty metal paints
  • Metal Bond Method: Add Metal Bond to your favorite latex-based paint
  • How To Paint Bare Metal: Any Paint, Any Color with Metal Bond by Latex Agent

    Click here for full Metal Bond instructions - just click the Directions tab on the right-hand side of the page.

    Get additional Metal Bond painting tips here.

    Using a sprayer? For use in spray equipment - Add the Latex paint with Metal Bond additive as directed and dilute as necessary with extra water to meet the viscosity requirement for your spray equipment per the manufacturer’s directions.

    Metal Bond and other Latex Agent products are available online. Feel free to contact Latex Agent regarding your product questions or to ask how we can help with your next paint job. Our products are designed with the professional painter in mind; let's talk.

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