Amato Painting and Latex Agent Team Up using Metal Bond

Amato Painting and Latex Agent Team Up using Metal Bond

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We have always struggled when it comes to getting latex paints to fully bond to any metal surface as do all other painting companies. Normally, this would involve heavy sanding and dangerous dusts for the painters and then solvent based smelly primers. This was until this summer when we were sent samples of Latex Agent Metal Bond. We are sent products all the time to try and every time I can hear the painters saying, “oh boy, another ‘new’ product.”

 Latex Agent Metal Bond

Metal Bond to the Rescue!

So we had the perfect job for this product, metal railings painted previously by another painter using a Direct-to-Metal latex paint and, of course, it is peeling. We arrived at this site to assess the situation and determined we would give Metal Bond a try. Their claim says “paint latex over bare metal without priming or DTM paint! Great for use on aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and carbon steel.”  So first we removed any of the loose latex paint, lightly sanded just to smooth out the rough spots and followed the directions: Apply a bit of the product alone on the surface, let dry for about an hour, and then add Metal Bond to the latex paint we used. Still skeptical, the guys laughed and said this would never work.

Once we were complete, with this job this has to be the best adhesion I have seen with any latex products and trust me it was not the paint, we used our normal exterior trim paint with nothing else done but addingMetal Bond and even our most pessimistic painter could not believe the bond and it didn’t effect the sheen or color at all unlike other paint additives we have used.

We have since used Metal Bond on many of our commercial painting projects; it has saved a ton of money in prep time and call backs due to paint failures.

Ryan concludes, “I can’t wait to try some of their other products like Hard Coat and Oil Bond which is used to paint latex paints on top of oil based surfaces and if they are as good as Metal Bond they have a customer for life.”

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