Enhancer gives Midwestern Paint Contractor a “Fighting Chance” Against the Elements!

Enhancer gives Midwestern Paint Contractor a “Fighting Chance” Against the Elements!

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EnhancerWhen Doug Bennett of Meridian Coatings, Inc., in Manhattan, Kansas, heard about the “free trial” offer for the new line of Latex Agent paint additives, he was eager to try Enhancer. Touted as an open-time extender and flow and leveling agent, he was ready to give anything a try. Frustrated with dealing with the elements, he quickly signed up for a free sample bottle.

Doug does a lot of exterior residential painting projects. And in the summer, when temps reach 85-90 degrees, he often has very little time to spend on brush work before the wind and temperatures win out. Paint dries so quickly in fact, that he has experienced paint drying on the brush and very limited work-ability. He was anxious to find a solution.

Exterior repaint benefiting from Enhancer

Doug recalls a particular project where he used Enhancer with his preferred exterior paint (Sherwin-Williams Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex) on an exterior cedar siding repaint project and got markedly improved results. Without using Enhancer, and given the warm temps, he had gumming on the brush which left crumbs behind and dirty brush marks. Adding a dose of Enhancer easily improved work-ability and flow-ability and enabled Doug to finish the project with ease. He had a fighting chance against the elements and won!

Other jobs where Doug uses Enhancer include interior natural wood conversion projects. Again, he experiences paint that simply dries too fast with brush work. And while he prefers to spray, Enhancer makes it easy to brush in and increases his time available to blend in the coat. Even with his go-to trim paint (PPG Breakthrough!) he still finds that Enhancer improves the overall work-ability of the paint allowing him to perfect his craft and achieve a great finished project.

 Doug with spray gun weapon!

Doug has also used EnhanGorgeous cabinet repaint benefiting from Enhancercer on cabinet repainting projects and other general trim work and has seen great results. Given his success with Enhancer, he reports that he’s anxious to try Hard Coat and test Oil Bond in the shop next.

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