6 Painted Furniture Trends for 2017 to Inspire Your Next Project

6 Painted Furniture Trends for 2017 to Inspire Your Next Project

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Whether you're a DIY self-taught home owner looking to upgrade a few old furniture pieces, or you're renovating a new space, there are a few key trends emerging this year we think would be perfect for your next project.

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We've been hearing from customers and seeing online a slew of new and inspirational ideas when it comes to painting furniture. 2017 seems to be a year of exploration. Bold textures and unique colors are making their way back into style, a la 70s throwback chic (see #3-6). Yet, some more classic designs are also "in". Which will you choose? 

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Cerused Painted Furniture

1. Ceruse Style Painted

According to HouseBeautiful, "Cerused" refers to the technique that brings out the unique grain of wood. Check out pictures of painted cerused furniture pieces here.

Matte Finish Painted Furniture

2. Matte Finishes

Matte finished furniture, appliances, and cabinets make for a modern, ultra-clean look that's only gaining in popularity this year. White, gray and black palettes in particular bring out the look in its best form. Check out matte finished furniture here.

Gem Color Painted Furniture

3. Gem-Inspired Colors

All across trend-setting sites, including Vogue, designers are warmly embracing jewel, or gem colors into interior design. Check out "Jewel Tone" interior designs here.

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Rescued or worn painted furniture

4. "Rescued" and Worn

From the popular television series Fixer Upper, to Elle, rescued and worm furniture pieces are becoming a must-have for stylists this year. It's all about texture, according to many designers. Check out worn painted looks here.

Brass accent painted furniture

5. Marble and Brass Accessorized

A painted dresser, or bathroom vanity can achieve an entirely different look with the simplest addition of marble or brass knobs, and handles, stylists say. It adds a timeless depth and sophistication. Interior Designer Young Huh has predicted Marble and Brass to be one of the signature styles of 2017. Check out brass styled painted furniture photos here.

Hot Colors Painted Furniture

6. "Hot" Color Combos

According to many designers, go for "hot", bright color combos for your next design. From Acid Green, to Aqua Blue, bolder and more color-extravagant combos are in. Forget muted browns, and head over to bright "sunshine yellow" or "windsor pink". See 2017 color trends from HouseBeautiful here.


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