Professional Painters: One Way To Boost Your Marketing Message This Winter

Professional Painters: One Way To Boost Your Marketing Message This Winter

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Looking for ways to distinguish your professional painting services from other painters in the area in the coming months?

APC (American Painting Contractors) recently asked their followers if they were ready to create a better marketing message for the coming Winter months. We think it’s a great question. Are you thinking ahead about ways to bolster Winter success?

Painters with a quality marketing message will earn new customers more effectively in the coming months. What if you had the ability to market yourself as cleaner and more efficient? What if you could paint without sanding? It would prevent giant messes, and be an overall much cleaner experience for your client.

Top contractors know having a distinct message will give you a huge advantage over the competition.

We'd like to introduce you to Oil Bond, the latex paint additive that prevents the need to sand or prime oil-painted or glossy surfaces. It's the perfect tool to add to the “marketing tool bag” of pro painters who are looking for extra perks to entice new customers (and save work at the same time!). Oil Bond’s incredible usefulness earned the distinction of being a This Old House Top 100 Product.

It’s not a fluke. And it could really help your painting business.

Oil Bond specifically will:

  • Eliminate the need for sanding

  • Eliminate the need for priming

  • Eliminate mess - the client's home won't have sand particles hidden between the cracks
  • of their refrigerator, sofa or other hard to reach spaces when you are finished

  • Create faster turnaround times 

  • Easy to apply 

  • Won’t change the color of the paint

  • Won’t affect paint durability or UV rating 

Oil Bond’s scientifically engineered to work together with any Latex Paint.

To potential customers, the idea of preventing millions of tiny dust particles flying through their kitchen or bedroom is very appealing. Imagine your next sale, and the ability to pull this offer out of your “toolbag”.

“I can offer you sanding-free painting, radically reducing the mess of the project.”

The outlook for Winter 2016 doesn’t seem so cold after all.

Order Oil Bond Today, or check out our Pro Offer for details.

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