Easy Adhesion: Oil Bond Review from Cordy Custom Painting

Easy Adhesion: Oil Bond Review from Cordy Custom Painting

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"I have been in the painting and in the construction business since 1971. I have used your product many times and have been very impressed with a ease and adhesion of the material being used on different surfaces. Exceptional product and have recommended your Oil Bonded product many times." - Ray Cordy, Cordy Custom Painting

Cabinet Door Peel Test

Oil Bond Treated (Non-Sanded, Non-Primed) vs. Traditionally Sanded and Primed Method


Does Oil Bond adhere to an oil-based surface like it says it does? Will it actually last like a traditional paint job, without sanding or primer? We put it to the test ourselves recently. Check out the picture below. We painted two kitchen cabinet doors, one the traditional way, the other the Oil Bond way. There was no visible difference between the two once finished. And when we pulled back the tape on each cabinet three days later for a peel test, the cabinet door treated with Oil Bond held up just as well as the traditionally painted surface.


Cabinet door peel test - Oil Bond treated vs. traditional sanding method



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