Video: Oil Bond Paint Additive Eliminates Sanding

Video: Oil Bond Paint Additive Eliminates Sanding

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"You know what I hate? Sanding."

Watch the New Oil Bond Video

Oil Bond is an award-winning paint additive that eliminates the need to sand oil-based or glossy surfaces, like kitchen cabinet doors. It's a time-saving, and money-saving addition to any painter's workflow. It's for both professional or DIY painters who are working on trim, doors, cabinets, built-ins, windows, or furniture.

Does It Work?

In the video, Tanyon shows us two different cabinet doors, one painted the traditional way (including sanding, and priming), and another using Oil Bond paint additive. He does a peel test using painter's tape. The paint with Oil Bond performed just like the other: no peeling. He achieved a professional quality paint job, all without sanding. Oil Bond creates a powerful adhesion between latex paint and oil-based or glossy surfaces, allowing painters to skip time-consuming sanding. Time saved is money saved on any job site.

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Purchase Oil Bond here. Not convinced? Read reviews and purchase from The Home Depot.

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