Part 2: Why Master Painters Should Use Additives

Part 2: Why Master Painters Should Use Additives

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This is Part 2. Read Part 1.

Improve Your Work and Upsell Customers

Like we posted last week in Part 1 of this blog series, Why Master Painters Should Use Additives, additives can and do improve and enhance the quality of paint for professional painters.

Mastering the professional painting craft requires depth of knowledge and insight, years of experience in a variety of situations and projects, and knowing the ins and outs of your paint. Additives have come a long way in recent years. Additives can not only save master painters time and money, they can render older, more traditional, professional methods and steps in the painting process unnecessary. Plus, they offer ample opportunity for upselling customers on a more profitable paint job.

Additives Improve Sprayability

Enhancer, by Latex Agent, is the subject of the next three additive uses. One of its main uses is for better paint sprayability. Enhancer improves spray patterns and helps maintain a cleaner spray tip longer. Newer low-VOC paints often cause problems in sprayers because they're thicker and dry faster. This often causes build ups and other problems for paint sprayers.

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Additives Extend Open Time

Sometimes paint dries too quickly. Improve coverage, and consistency of your paints, especially low-VOC paints, with Enhancer. Cutting in will be easier, you’ll avoid shadows, and other imperfections, and overall performance of your paint will improve.

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Additives Improve Flow and Leveling

We know we're picking on low-VOC paints, but, hey, it's true. They are more difficult to use. But, what’s great about low-VOC paints, and why they are in high-demand, is their positive impact on the environment. That said, if you want that oil-based performance for your paint, adding Enhancer will do the trick. It will create a more easily flowing, and better-leveled paint. You'll love the experience of using Enhancer. It just feels right. And your client will immediately tell the difference. 

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